Proofs from the notebook Olivier's open lab book.

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New blogging platform

My blog Math Stat Notes has been retired and I will continue to post on this new platform. It will be much easier to write mathematics on here, and I will now also be able to post code!

This is also the occasion for me to rethink the purpose of my blog. Up until now, I have used MathStatNotes as a way to showcase some of my side projects and to explore different ideas. I would now like my blog to be much more research and content-focused, with a slightly refined reading experience.

Hence the “open notebook” idea: you will find on here some of the projects that I’m working on, as well as my ideas and concerns. Note that it’s a raw lab notebook and I’m not trying to make it an easy read.

There is no point in hiding the process of research in my opinion. You find something that could be useful to you in here? Do get in touch! I will tell you more about it.