👋 Welcome!


👋 Welcome!

This website lists some of what I do. See my publications, teaching, and software.

About me

I am a Data Science Consultant, Founder, and PhD Candidate in the Statistical Science Department at Duke University. I specialize in the statistical evaluation of machine learning systems and in entity resolution for data integration, cleaning, and enrichment. My work combines engineering, machine learning, and statistics to address applied problems in these areas.

In my free time, I enjoy contributing to the academic community at Duke. I have been a research coordinator for the Duke GPSG Community Pantry, webmaster for the Record Linkage Interest Group, and a mentor for the Twoples directed reading program. I have also worked with the Duke Applied Machine Learning Group and the Data+ program as a project manager. Additionally, I regularly mentor undergraduate students working on research projects with me.

I work on open source projects related to my research and I maintain various R and Python packages. My open-source work has been supported by individual contributors through Github Sponsors and by G-Research.

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