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Olivier Binette 

Master student in Mathematics (UQAM)

I am broadly interested in the mathematical foundations of statistical learning, in the statistics of complex data and in the topological accuracy of some machine learning procedures.

I also organize student research seminars at UQÀM, I am teaching assistant for statistics, probability and analysis courses, and private instructor in advanced courses.


  • April 2019: We are working on a professional development guide aimed at UQAM's math & stats majors and looking for contributors.

  • March 2019: Received the Alexander-Graham-Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS D). Ranked first among all mathematical sciences applicants.

  • February 2019: Admitted to Stanford University's Statistics PhD (declined; going to Duke to do Bayesian stats).

Research interests

My research has focused on Bayesian nonparametric inference for directional statistics and on consistency issues relating to density estimation on compact metric spaces [1]. More recently, I worked on information inequalities [2] and developped an interest in topological consistency for surface estimation [3].


  • [2] Binette, O. (2019) A Note on Reverse Pinsker Inequalities. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (to appear). [link]

  • [3] Binette, O. (2018) Topologie et apprentissage machine. Notes From the Margin (13). p. 5-6. (Short paper for our Canadian mathematics student journal.)


  • [1] Binette, O. et Guillotte, S. (2018) Bayesian Nonparametrics for Directional Statistics. arXiv:1807.00305. Submitted.


  • Binette, O. & Coache, A. The Significance of the Adjusted R Squared. (Bio)Statistics Research Day. McGill University (Canada). 21 septembre 2018.

  • Binette, O. Classification and Topology, or Consequences of Sobolev Consistency. Canadian Statistics Student Conference. McGill University (Canada) 2 Juin 2018. Best poster award.

  • Binette, O. et Guillotte, S. Bayesian Nonparametrics for Directional Statistics. 11th Conference on Bayesian Nonparametrics. Paris (France). 26 Juin 2017.

Recently organized events and seminars

  • Statistics Student Summit in Montreal (March 2019).

  • UQAM's Graduate Student in Mathematics Seminar. (ongoing).

  • Probability and Statistics Student Seminar. (summer 2018).

  • Le carréousel du géomètre. Activity co-organized on the behalf of the Mathematical Science Institute at the Montreal Science Center. (summer 2018).

  • Probability and Statistics Student Seminar. (summer 2017).

Selected talks


olivier.binette at gmail dot com

Université du Québec à Montréal
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