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Olivier Binette 

Master student in Mathematics (UQAM)

I am broadly interested in the mathematical foundations of statistical learning, in the statistics of complex data and in the topological accuracy of some machine learning procedures.

I also organize student research seminars at UQÀM, I am teaching assistant for statistics, probability and analysis courses, and private instructor in advanced courses.


  • April 2019: We are working on a professional development guide aimed at UQAM's math & stats majors and looking for contributors. Update: the content will appear on STATQAM's website

  • March 2019: Received the Alexander-Graham-Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS D). Ranked first among all mathematic al sciences applicants.

  • March 2019: Going to Duke for my Statistics PhD. :^)

Research interests

My research has focused on Bayesian nonparametric inference for directional statistics and on consistency issues relating to density estimation on compact metric spaces [1]. More recently, I worked on information inequalities [2] and developped an interest in topological consistency for surface estimation [3].


  • [2] Binette, O. (2019) A Note on Reverse Pinsker Inequalities. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 65 (7). pp. 4094-4096. [link] [arXiv]

  • [3] Binette, O. (2018) Topologie et apprentissage machine. Notes From the Margin (13). p. 5-6. (Short paper for our Canadian mathematics student journal.)


  • [1] Binette, O. et Guillotte, S. (2018) Bayesian Nonparametrics for Directional Statistics. arXiv:1807.00305. Submitted.


  • Binette, O. & Coache, A. The Significance of the Adjusted R Squared. (Bio)Statistics Research Day. McGill University (Canada). 21 septembre 2018.

  • Binette, O. Classification and Topology, or Consequences of Sobolev Consistency. Canadian Statistics Student Conference. McGill University (Canada) 2 Juin 2018. Best poster award.

  • Binette, O. et Guillotte, S. Bayesian Nonparametrics for Directional Statistics. 11th Conference on Bayesian Nonparametrics. Paris (France). 26 Juin 2017.

Recently organized events and seminars

  • Statistics Student Summit in Montreal (March 2019).

  • UQAM's Graduate Student in Mathematics Seminar. (ongoing).

  • Probability and Statistics Student Seminar. (summer 2018).

  • Le carréousel du géomètre. Activity co-organized on the behalf of the Mathematical Science Institute at the Montreal Science Center. (summer 2018).

  • Probability and Statistics Student Seminar. (summer 2017).

Selected talks


olivier.binette at gmail dot com

Université du Québec à Montréal
Pavillon Président-Kennedy